CRKT Guppie + Eat’N Tool


Thank you to and CRKT for hand-selecting me to review this piece of gear for the benefit of the community.

I guess you could say I’m a gadget fiend. I love how innovation and utility can come together to offer solutions to whatever difficulties we encounter at various points in our lives. Sometimes they’re frivolous and sometimes they’re life saving, but they’re always cool to the nerd with a MacGyver-like delusions of grandeur.

So you could imagine my excitement when this combo package of gadget-y goodness arrived in the mail. Packed in one diminutive box was the CRKT Guppie and Eat’N Tool. A funky, anthropomorphized multi tool and a minimalist backpacker’s barebones utility-tensil (I just made that word up on the fly, I’m really proud of myself). Let’s take a closer look at each:


The Guppie may be one of the weirdest incarnations of a multi-tool that I’ve seen. That being said, It’s thoughtfully designed and kind of lovable in its own way. The tool is comprised of two pieces: The main component features a crescent wrench, carabiner, bottle opener, knife, belt clip, and magnetic hex hole that accepts standard screwdriver bits. The second component attaches to the main component with a magnet and acts as both a holder for 4 screwdriver bits and a small yet bright LED light. What you end up with is a really versatile tool that is packed with a variety of really sensible functions that are actually useable.


In the past few weeks, I’ve actually been carrying in my backpack every day. The Guppie has a combination of functions that make me want to have it nearby at all times, especially when on my motorcycle. Is it the best product for dedicated wilderness/backpacking? Maybe not, but it’s a great all-arounder, and would be really useful in car camping situations. I also want to mention that the Guppie’s knife blade exhibits the quality and sharpness that I’ve come to expect from CRKT’s. It’s sharp, straight, useful, and easily sharpenable!


The Eat’N Tool is another really cool example of multifunction design. It’s sleek, thin, and ultra-light. This single, solid piece of aluminum features a Spork, bottle opener, three wrenches, and a screwdriver. You could probably also open cans with it as well. Not bad.

So how does it fare as an actual eating utensil? The design itself gives up a few concessions as far as ergonomics and usability go in the eating department: the forky bit of the spork is adequate but not great at catching food, and the spoon part is a bit shallow- I probably won’t be sipping soup with it anytime soon. However, It’s still something I would bring along on a camping trip as you never know when you might need an extra utensil. Again, it’s so light that it’s not a big deal to bring along, and the added functionality it brings as a tool is always welcome. I could also see this being lusted after by the ultra-light backpacking crowd.


So there you have it! I love that I got to test these two dudes out, and I’ll definitely be keeping the Guppie with me most of the time. For the record, this gadget combo would make an excellent gift/stocking stuffer come holiday time.

Thanks again to CRKT and for having me review these items!

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