Cortados + Motos

This summer’s mild weather has (so far) made for perfect urban moto riding weather. While I haven’t gotten out on my bike as much as I would have liked, a certain even in Greenpoint prompted me to hop on my moto, rip down the FDR, and head across the Billyburg bridge. I hadn’t been to the NYC Vintage motorcycle show in two years, and was excited to check it out once again. This year the event was appropriately titled “Muffler burn,” and was accompanied by this rad poster:


I made a quick pit stop for a long overdue catch up with an old friend over a few cortados.  The Blue Bottle in Greenpoint was on the way, so we met there. It’s a bit of a tight space that tends to get crowded, but the Cortados are pretty solid.  Side note: In a fit of coffee nerd one-upness, these guys don’t call cortados cortados- they call them “Gibraltars.” Hard eyeroll.


Afterwards I headed a few blocks north and parked my nude Ducati next to myriad choppers and vintage rides. I strolled about, snapping shots of my favorite bikes, catching up with friends who happened to have the same idea. It was a pretty mellow affair, save for the soundtrack of throaty engines and a rockabilly band intertwined and accompanying one another.


Motorcycles are a stunning melange of form and function- drawing from aesthetic sensibilities and engineering approaches that were available at the time of their manufacturing. It’s pretty excellent to see people come together to celebrate these beautiful machines with a minimum of attitude and insularity.  You don’t have to own a moto to appreciate them (although it helps), and snobbery really isn’t the name of the game.


My favorite bike of the bunch?  That would have to be this super fly ’73 Triumph Bonneville. The color on that tank just makes the whole bike pop. You’ll be happy to know that it’s for sale. Jump on it if you’re looking for a sweet vintage urban steed.




Check out the album below for more excellent Vintage moto goodness.

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