Pâtédventure Time


Pâté, as a food, may be the best manifestation of my favorite things: Pork, booze, dairy, and offal come together to form a meatlog that is rife with endless variations.

I had been threatening to make my own for some time, and decided to break in my new kitchen setup by documenting my first Pâté de campagne. Equipped with an open kitchen, counter space, and a dope new camera lens to try out, I was ready to give it  (and GIF making) a shot.

the setup

I decided to play it relatively safe with my first go at pâté making and used this great Bon Appétit recipe as a starting point. Most people tend to assume that pâté contains a ton of liver, but it’s not necessarily the case.  This specific recipe is a symphony of 3 different kinds of pork. I went ahead and did what any self-respecting carnivore would do and made a B-line for Schaller & Weber to pick up the choice ingredients: Freshly ground pork, a metric ton of bacon, and smoked ham.

I followed the recipe pretty closely, save for using smoked ham and also substituting out half of the cognac with a bit of Icelandic flava’:  Brennivín.   I figured that the caraway seed flavor profile would add some additional personality to the meaty adventure log.  I was right.

While it appears to be an intimidating dish to prepare, pâté is easy to make, fun to make, and begs for creativity.  Slam the ingredients together, arrange them in a terrine, slap it in the oven for 2+ hours, and refrigerate overnight with weights on top.  Boom. Done.


The final product looks great, and tastes even better when accompanied with real dijon mustard, cornichons, and placed atop a fresh baguette.

Next time I’ll be jumping on the offal train and adding whatever organ meats I can find to the mix.  Should be a good time. Stay tuned.


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