Cold Brew.



Every few years, the cosmos align to form the perfect long summer weekend.  This primarily happens when the 4th of July creeps perilously close to a weekend, resulting in the temporary loss of 5.6 million NYC residents. couple that with great weather, and you’ve got the black swan of NYC summer weekends.  The dimished density transforms the city into a place that harbors good times and memorable moments.

Today was one of them. After recovering from some 4th of July antics, I hopped on my moto and ripped over to the Queens Kickshaw in Astoria.  My good friend Mike met me, and we convened for conversation and to savor what you see in the photo above.

A perfectly executed cold brew is a magical thing.  This is one of them.  The Coffee Labs beans respond well to the frigid muddling, bursting with nutty notes and devoid of acidity.  And then the moment hits- it’s one of the best parts of a coffee experience: Adding the dairy.  As the milk (or half and half) invades the coffee, it rolls in like an ethereal San Franciso fog, haunting the coffee into a paler hue.  the big ice cubes bob around and do their job as the two ingredients become one.

Those 5-10 seconds epitomize a perfect summer moment.  If I were a cruder person, I would call it a summer money shot. (I am)

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