Sichuan Boil


Originally written for and posted on Underground Eats.

So this is what happens when disparate but equally awesome food cultures come together. The social, bon-temps-rouler crawfish boil meets the bombastic, spicy flavors of Sichuan cooking. The outcome is an amazing, unique experience that Mike Lee and the Studiofeast crew captured perfectly on a fittingly humid summer day in Crown Heights.

The crawfish meet their demise to a Sichuan-pepper-infested boil. Andouille is replaced with Lap Cheung and fish balls. Miso butter is draped onto boiled corn. Deep fried crabs are engulfed in an umami-defying duck egg sauce. For dessert, seemingly traditional pecan pies are laced with Sichuan peppercorns that roofie your mouth and electrocute your tastebuds for ten minutes.
The crowd that’s participating in this food adventure is cool-as-hell, brought together by their love of adventurous eating and good times. The messy, hands-on nature of eating crawfish ensures that this dining experience is devoid of people shoving their cameras all up in the food’s grill for the whole night.

More than anything, Studiofeast accentuates the experience of eating. The excitement of new flavors, textures, and people co-mingles into a perfect summertime memory of full bellies and hearty laughs. This may be my first Studiofeast experience, but I can guarantee you it won’t be my last.

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