800 thread count Bourbon

I’m a big fan of Bulleit whiskies- especially their Rye.  Their Bourbon is my go-to when mixing brown cocktails, but I generally found myself avoiding it neat.  I had always wished it could be a bit smoother, a bit more complex, and a bit more refined.

Enter Bulleit 10 year.   I had been itching to try it the moment I heard about it.   My friend Michael at IceandNeat procured a bottle and brought it to a gentlemanly gathering I organized last night.

How does it compare to the regular Bourbon? Well, it’s like comparing 800 thread count sheets to 400 thread count sheets.  The 10 year has a fantastic nose- sweet but not overpowering, and it has a beautiful mouth-feel.   It envelopes your tongue and cheeks like silk- the acidity is subdued, and it’s a pleasure to sip on its own.

I wonder if it comes in a big-gulp size?



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