Do it with Style

If you’re going to cheat on a diet, you best do it with style. See above.

I’ve been trying to lighten my eating habits as of late, relying primarily on the awesome CSA veggies that come in every week from Barefoot organics. Sometimes I feel like I give off this impression that I rely solely on a steady diet of animal and dairy-based products, which is about 40% true. However, I’m an ardent omnivore at heart, and am happy eating anything that was grown responsibly and is true to the source that it comes from.

My girfriend and I have been marvelling at the veggies that come in, and we’ve been making some great, healthy dinners with those veggies. In fact, stay tuned for a few upcoming posts on dishes made with those fantastic ingredients that we receive directly from farmers on a weekly basis.

But this post isn’t about market-fresh veggies, succulent peaches, or insanely good tomatoes.  No, no,  This post is about temptation.  It’s about the catch-22 of being invited by friends to a Brisketlab event that night. You haven’t seen these friends in ages, and they’ve reserved 2 lbs of brisket from the folks at Delaney BBQ.  How can you say no?

I think for a second “Maybe I can go and not eat anything, and then have a salad when I get home.”  Fat, brisket-y chance.

I showed up and the minute I smelled the culmination of meat and spices cooked at an agonizingly slow pace, I knew what I was in for.

The brisket was pretty great-  we got all “Amurrrica” on it and at it with white bread, pickles, and onions.  I longed for some form of a vinegar-based bbq sauce, but it didn’t dampen my experience.  The spices had a warm familiarity to them that complimented the meat, which was falling apart on itself.  A fork proved to be almost useless.

And so we partook, catching up and enjoying each others’ company as brisket juice dripped from our fingers and chins.  Once we were done, we said our goodbyes and went back to our Manhattan lives, with our stomachs carrying the souvenirs of our respite from discipline.

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  1. I didn’t know you liked vinegar-based BBQ sauce. That’s my favorite too. Eastern Carolina style FTW. How did you discover it?

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