Call me lazy, but I’ve been trying to keep it simple lately.  Especially in the presence of good ingredients.

It just so happens that a pound of said ingredients recently landed at my place.  Yesterday my friend Dorian (from Dorian’s Seafood Market) posted on my facebook wall saying she had some Nantucket Bay scallops she wanted me to try.  Not being one to turn away mollusky delights, I instantly wondered what I could do with them.

Fresh scallops beg to be treated simply.  they have a soft sweetness and texture to them that is easy to lose in the commotion of an overactive seasoner or a paranoid overcooker.  if they’re not fresh enough to eat raw you probably shouldn’t be eaten them at all, dontcha think?

These nantucket bay scallops are smaller than scallops people would pick if it were up to them, but I love that about them.  they’re bite-sized- you almost pop them like candy.

I decided to do them two ways.  only one of them made it to camera.

The one you won’t see is the ceviche. Lemon, orange, siracha, salt, pepper, and some cilantro.  let it sit (covered) in a fridge for a few hours and your set.

What I did manage to shoot was the pan-seared lemon-cumin preparation:

  • pat the scallops dry
  • Salt, Pepper, Cumin
  • Get a pan very, very hot, and use a mixture of butter and olive oil
  • sear it for maybe 2 minutes.  they should still be tender to the touch and opaque in the center when you take them off the fire
  • remove the scallops, bring the pan back to the burner, and deglaze the pan with lemon juice (and white wine if you like)
  • Serve with a giant, interesting salad (and stop using iceberg lettuce, everyone mocks you about that when your back is turned)




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