Gear Review: MissionWorkshop Sanction Rucksack

NOTE: I wrote this review on behalf of one of my clients, NYC Velo.  I thought you guys would enjoy my review for a bag that’s perfect for day-to-day adventuring in the urban sprawl. -CJ

As advanced as we may think we are as a people, we’re still trying to figure out smart solutions to intrinsic, basic problems. Take carrying stuff for instance. Ever since starting off as drooling knuckle draggers millions of years ago, us humans have searched for ways to carry more on our persons.

Cut to 2011 and you’ve got myriad companies looking to solve the portage problem for those of us who enjoy two-wheeled transportation.

You may remember my review of Mission Workshop’s Vandal backpack a little while back.  I was in love with The Vandal’s Size, design, features and versatility.

That being said, the bag was a bit too capable.  It was gigantic. its bulk made it a bit cumbersome as a day-pack, and I would sit there in bed late at night wishing for the MW deities to create something similar to the vandal and rambler, but sleeker.

Wish Granted. The new Sanction Rucksack is the perfect daily commute backpack.  Here’s why:

  • Sleek
  • Thoughtful, intuitive design throughout the bag
  • 3 totally waterproof compartments, including one for laptops
  • It looks awesome.

I got the sense that this is exactly what people were looking for.  The fact that the shop sold out of them within the first week of stocking them was the big clue.

I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now.  I’ve worn it while riding bikes, while riding motorcycles, and while walking around the subway.  My only minor gripe is that it’s not immune to sweaty back syndrome when it’s hot outside, but that goes for almost ever backpack I’ve ever used. The Sanction Rucksack is in stock at NYC Velo and retails for $179.99.  Get one! -CJ

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