Belly Mi

So i just acquired some shared office space in the meatpacking district- how appropriate.

One of the big advantages to working in the area is its close proximity to Chelsea market.  As if I needed another excuse to eat.

Among its myriad offerings, my absolute favorite has been Dickson’s Farmstand: A butcher shop-slash-sandwich spot. When you walk in the first thing you see is an impressive spread of various meats behind a glass, begging like petshop puppies to be taken home and ,er, eaten.

They offer 2 hot sandwiches that change daily, along with the standard roast beef type cold cuts that you would expect from a place like this.   The sandwiches are simple, unpretentious, and are meant to showcase the awesome quality of the meat.

The smoked pork belly is a prime example.  it was sweet, smokey, fatty, and delicious. The Jalapenos and pickles root veggies was a perfect counterbalance to the fat fat fattiness of the belly. It was also the right size.

The day before I scarfed down a rad veal neck sandwich that was equally as good, but I didnt even think of taking a picture until i was burping.  Sorry about that.  Next time,  promise.

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