Lobstah Roll

I’m here spending the July 4th weekend on Cape Cod.  I had never been out here before, and have to admit that its now one of my favorite spots in New England. We’re right on one the bays, and we’ve spent the last two days kayacking, laying in hammocks, sailing on sunfish, and eating the monstrously delicious Lobster Roll pictured above (and below)

That my friends, is a lobster roll from the Raw bar in Popponessett.  It’s rated as one of the best Lobster Rolls in New England.  I’d tend to agree.  As far as sheer amount of lobster used in a roll goes, this one handily wins.  It’s a banana split sunday made with lobster, mayo, and bread.

My one gripe?  The sides of the roll aren’t buttered and toasted on a griddle, as i’ve had elsewhere in MA.  I think it would add something to the texture and flavor of the roll in general.

The roll is $25, but stuffs 2 people, effectively making $12.50 per person.  I’m guessing this thing has more than 1 lobster’s worth of meat in it.

The restaurant itself plays the part of a new england shanty dive bar well enough. They don’t serve fries- you have to get them next door.  you can’t use your cell phone at all, and the closest thing they have to a local beer is sam adams summer ale.  The beer selection could use work, but it’s kind of charming in its uncompromising-ness.  They know what you’re there for, and that’s all that matters.

Now back to doing nothing by the water!


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