I’ve been known to organize/promote bicycle races from time to time.  For the past two years I’ve helped run the  grassroots marketing machine for NYC’s oldest and longest-running bicycle race,  The Harlem Skyscraper Cycling Classic.  Under the helm of race promoter extraordinaire, the race turns 38 this year, and it’s one of my favorite events to put on (next to SICX, of course).

The race goes down on Father’s day, June 19th, from 12-6PM, and it’s going to be a blast.

I love this race because it’s the culmination of everything I love about cycling and bike racing in new york (even though I’ve been a bit prodigal as of late) People of all walks of life come together to compete and take part in something that makes them happy.  And the melting-pot amalgamation of all those different people in that gem of a neighborhood brings it all together.  It’s also one of the most exciting and spectator-friendly bike races around. Criteriums have racers spin round and round a short, tight course for an hour or less, forcing a more dynamic form of racing.

Most road races are a bit of a bore to watch. I’m sorry, but I dont want to watch a bunch bros churn up a mountain for 4 hours.  Bike racing as a specatator sport is at its best when the speed is high, the turns are tight, the racing is dynamic, and the racers can be seen again and again by spectators. Crits, cyclocross, and track racing should be where the ad dollars go in the sport, and it’s what I focus on when i put on my disorganized-race-promoter-cap. But I digress.

For the non-cycling foodies that read this far, here’s your reward:  I’ve done my best to put together some great representations of the harlem and greater nyc urban food scene.  Come to the race, and You’ll get to eat/drink from the following awesome purveyors of epicurian delights:

Zagat‘s contributing to the media buzz for the food portion, and it’ll be a great day to stop by Harlem.  We’ll also have the Harvest Home Farmer‘s market foundation in the house. They are busy promoting the benefits of local food to low-income ‘hoods by organizing farmer’s markets in places that Gwyneth Paltrow wouldn’t show up at (phew.) I think what they do is great, and it complements a core part of the race: fostering positive athletic experiences among kids in the same areas.  My good friends at Print restaurant will be donating (through Harvest Home) fresh veggies to all the kids that race.

Ride Light / Eat Awesome.

I like that.  maybe I should change the blog’s name.

See you guys on Sunday.  For more info, go here.

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