Engorgeous Saturday Lunch

There’s something special about being assaulted with awesome food when you think you’re in store for just a nice, quiet lunch.

Walk by Morrell Wine Bar and you might think its location condemns it as a tourist trap.  It resides smack dab in the middle of Rockefeller center, where tens of thousands of open-mouthed tourists walk by daily, with camera’s pointed up and fanny packs secured around their waists.

Don’t be a jaded New Yorker about it this time.  Stop by on a nice day, get a spot on the terrace, and go to town on Jake Klein’s menu.  It’s got flavor profiles that create bold and interesting matches with it’s ultra deep wine list (over 100 by the glass alone)

My girlfriend and I stopped by for a late lunch last Saturday, ordered some wonderful Txakoli, and let Jake do his thing.

I have a torrid, uncomplicated love affair with Marrow.   If it’s in front of me and looks like the photo above, I eat it.

Marrow’s fascinating to me.  It’s a cheap part of the cow, but a delicacy.  I love that.  I love that some of the cheapest things you can get off of a cow can be the most interesting and delicious.  I’m kind of glad that most Americans would sneer in ignorant disgust at the idea of eating Marrow, sweetbreads, or tripe (more for me).

Speaking of awesome animal body parts, Foie Gras is always welcome in my mouth.  Especially when it’s done a la Torchon. topped with a dab of roasted red pepper puree, it’s a mash up of Girl Talk proportions when paired with the Txakoli.

Same goes with this bad boy:

Honey-cured Salmon reminds me of a sweeter, simpler Gravlax. It’s way more interesting that Sashimi, and compliments the salmon’s buttery flavors.

I could keep talking about how delicious it was, but i think the photos do a better job than my words.

Check out Morrell Wine Bar when you’re looking for a boozy, delicious midtown break

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